Friday, August 30, 2013

'Can't Throw That Shirt Away Yet' Clothing Storage

Well, hello there good-looking.  I haven't seen you in forever.  You've definitely lost weight, and that hairstyle is oh-so-chic.

Quick catch up: I'm a billion pounds, still pregnant and grumpy as all get-out.  But I'm pulling myself back into crafting mode and working on some projects here and there.  Mostly though, I'm eating and crying over commercials.

We are in the process of trying to find a bigger home to move to.  It's going pretty slow and it's starting to make me anxious... and my anxiety is forcing me to CLEAN EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.  Not entirely a bad thing really, since I have needed to get rid of a lot of stuff for a while now.  But there are some things I can't let go of... like kids clothes.

If it's too small for Jonathan, it will fit Noah in a few years, so I need to keep it.  If it's too small for Noah, it might be donate-able or garage sale-able, so I need to keep it.  And if it's perfectly fine but for different weather, I need to keep it.

I saw this idea somewhere online, but I don't remember where.  I am awesome.  I decided to use the top of the kids closet for this project, which meant I actually had to look at it.

I'm going to need someone to hold me.

First things first, I just emptied that whole shelf.

Still need someone to hold me, but mostly 'cause I'm middle-heavy now and liable to tip over at any minute.  Yes, this has actually happened.

I found some cheap bins at the Dollar General...

I bought three, which was perfect for my needs and the size of the shelf.  Really, I don't like the baskets themselves.  I wanted something awesome and beautiful and colorful... but those baskets were a bit pricey.  So I got these and comforted myself by saying I could paint them or cover them in fabric if I wanted.

I made some labels for the baskets...

And then I popped 'em in.  Presto.

And there it is: three baskets, one for clothes that are too small, one for too big, and one for off-season.  And yes, off-season is supposed to be hyphenated.  And I am guilty of over-hyphenating (see?) in my writing.  But it didn't look right for my little sign.  So whatevs.

If you have a better system, you have to tell me about it.  I'm approaching the nesting phase of pregnancy and need something to soothe the non-stop anxiety.

Also, I'm doing some Halloween crafting for my annual 31 Days extravaganza!  But, I'm due in the beginning of October and highly doubt I will be able to fill my calendar... if you'd like to submit a project (new or old!) to share for my 3rd annual '31 Days of Halloween', send me an email or post over at my facebook page!  It's a great opportunity to get some traffic, those are my most popular posts!
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