Monday, September 23, 2013

Turning off Negative Nancy

I have noticed that my facebook feed is filled with negativity.  I mean, it’s a rare moment when I can scroll my news feed and  not see a facebook friend lamenting any given situation, while I feel as if their problems don’t really seem so bad from the outside.  I find myself grumbling at their status and reminding them, through my computer screen at least, that they aren’t down a well and maybe it’s going to be OK.


Perspective is necessary before posting about a problem on facebook, my readers.


I think we need a bit more positivity in the world.  Instead of complaining that we’ve been dealt a bad hand, we should be thankful we have cards at all.  Instead of complaining about all the things we don’t have, we need to appreciate all the things we do have.  And most importantly, we need to share that perspective with everyone we know.


Folger’s Coffee is starting something that I think is pretty amazing.  They have thought up a social platform they’re calling “The Best Part”.  I know, just hearing those three words puts the jingle in your head: the best part of waking up…  I love that jingle.  Folgers wants to spread positivity and optimism.  With this new platform, they’re going to do just that, by letting you, yes you my coffee-loving reader, tell your positive stories.  They’re launching this on FacebookTwitter and Instagram so everyone can share a positive story or just words of encouragement.  Not only will coffee get your day started, it will set you off on a good foot with that first sip.


We need more positivity in the world.  We need encouragement.  We need to know that there are great things all around us, if we just stop to look.


So, my dear friends, I have an assignment for you:  Before you find any bad in today, find some good.  Any good, no matter how small, brings hope to the world.  Find that hope and hold on to it all day long, and then share it at “The Best Part”.  While you’re there, read other stories of good and let the optimism take you over.

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