Friday, November 15, 2013

Napkin Strings


That's right, I said napkin strings, not napkin rings.  Oh, I'm just so clever I can hardly stand it.

So, I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year.  Actually, I didn't exactly volunteer for this position... people just sort of started asking what I would be fixing and at what time should they show up.  I don't have the heart to turn them away.  I keep picturing my family alone on Thanksgiving, eating tuna fish out of a can, and lamenting their terrible family member, who wouldn't let them come over for turkey and pie.

I've gotten melodramatic again, haven't I?

To accommodate my free-loading relatives, I've decided to use paper plates and napkins this year.  I know, I know, I should be using fine china.  Listen, the fine china is still at the store until someone lovely buys it for me.  Until that happens, I'm using paper plates and napkins.  But I want to spruce up the table setting to make up for the lack of regal-ness.  So, I made some napkin strings.

I bought some autumn-colored embroidery floss.

And then I braided 'em, 7th grade best friend style.

And then, I wrapped some cutlery... cutlery-wrapping montage, here we come:

And viola, a wrapped set of utensils.

And then, I wrapped my friendship bracelet around a few times and tied it with a bow.

See? Napkin strings.  Easy and thrifty.  Here's hoping that my Thanksgiving guest appreciate them before ripping them apart and discarding them next to the empty pie plate.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Easy Thanksgiving Craft

Hello everyone!  I'm settling into November nicely, which is great because winter is a-comin', whether I am ready for it or not.

I found the cutest little turkey craft over at Gwenny Penny and just had to make it.  Look how cute!

I know, it's too adorable for words, right?  Head over to Gwenny Penny for instructions and a template.  And I'm not the only crafty one in my family... my sister made a fall wreath for her Etsy shop.

Isn't she talented?

I'll be back in a few days with another Thanksgiving craft... until then, I will be bundled up with some hot cocoa, playing Angry Birds.  Or doing laundry and raising children, whatever.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Is Your Cup of Folgers Coffee Half-Empty or Half-Full?

I am loving Folgers right about now.

As you've seen me post about recently, Folgers has come up with a new social media platform called "The Best Part."  They're asking us to talk about the best part of our day or something positive we can reflect on.  As a life-long cynic, trying to be more positive lately is really helping my outlook.  I know, who would have thought it?



There have been events of late that have put my positive outlook to the test.  These events can make or break me, I've decided... so I'm posting some stressful situations I've encountered recently and the bright side I've found to them.


I gave birth to a child and didn't have time for an epidural.  Holy gravy, was that a rough night.

The bright side? I have the daughter I always wanted.  Also, I found out that under extreme pain, I can shriek like a howler monkey.  Good information to know.


The house we moved into doesn't have a mailbox so we have to use a post office box.  The post office is, like, a whole block away.  My laziness is really taking a hit here.

The bright side?  I met the Postmaster for my local post office.  She's just about the friendliest person ever.


My oldest son is having some trouble with multiplication tables.  Aren't we all?


The bright side?  I have spent a lot of one-on-one time with him, teaching him all the multiplication tricks I learned in third grade.  Who knew that stuff would ever come in handy?


My husband has been off work since the baby was born.  Paternity leave... he's driving me up the wall.


The bright side?  My husband changes diapers like a madman.  I don't have to ask for any help with the baby or the other two kids, he leaps right in and does the work.  That. Is. Awesome.


So, you see?  There's always a bright side to things, we just have to find it.  Find a bright spot today, it will change your whole attitude!


The Best Part is an online community that’s dedicated to brightening your day—every day. How? By spreading optimism, one share at a time. The Best Part posts inspirational stories, encouraging quotes, good news and other upbeat items on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—and encourages fans and followers to share that optimism with their friends. Because when optimism is shared, it grows, making an even more positive impact on our world. Check out what others are sharing on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


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Thrifty Crafty Girl
I link up at these great parties!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thanksgiving Tablescape with Jo-Ann's Fabric!

The following review is part of the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Celebrate the Season campaign.  I received compensation for this review; however, this is my personal, honest opinion based on my experience.

Holy schmoly, it's November already.  This year just flew by, didn't it?  The bright side to that is of course, the holidays are right around the corner.  Jo-Ann's Fabric asked me to create a Thanksgiving tablescape to celebrate the holiday and I agreed, after jumping up and down at the chance to make something super-cute.

A quick trip to Jo-Ann's and I had my supplies:

Do you see that burlap? It has pumpkins on it... in orange and gold.  SO CUTE I CAN HARDLY STAND IT.  I've not found it any place besides Jo-Ann's, so head on out there folks.

So cute.

I decided to make a runner with my adorbs pumpkin burlap.  If you have never worked with burlap, there's a trick to cutting it in a straight line:  Grab one of the threads at the end and pull.

I find this therapeutic, really.  Once you've pulled the entire length of string, you'll see a line where you can cut.

Easy-schmeasy.  I cut the burlap to size, adding a half an inch to the long ends and two inches to the short ends.  For the long ends, I just pulled more burlap strands... give it a frayed 1/2" edge.  For the short ends, I did the same thing, but for two inches instead.  And then, I tied the strands together.

And that, my bloggy friends, is what they call a 'no-sew table runner'.  I love it when there's a name for it.

Look how pretty!

Once that was done, I took my candles and loaded them up in some glassware.

And then added my floral decorations.  So simple!

I love how it turned out.  It was so easy too, and didn't take long at all.  I almost feel like one of those real bloggers. :)

Check out some other great projects at the Jo-Ann's website, here.  There are so many great projects out there, and when you pick your favorite, use this 50% off coupon to get your supplies for a steal!

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