Monday, December 16, 2013

Accounting Major Turned Business Major Turned Blogger

I recently shared with you my experience changing majors in college.  I went from being an accounting major to a business major, a field that was much more in line with my skills and interests.  But what good did it do my career, you ask?

I am a blogger.  When people ask what I do, I tell them: "I am a blogger".  I also tell them I'm anticipating a modeling contract any day now, but they mostly believe the blogger stuff.  Blogging has given me business connections and has made me money.  And I firmly believe that switching my major to business has helped me succeed where many have not.

Blogging is not easy business.  It takes real work and dedication, and even when you've given your all you still may not make it any more than a hobby.  To turn my love of crafting and writing into an actual money-making enterprise, I have had to utilize what I learned in college during my business classes.

The lessons I've learned the most from were learning how businesses operate.  In order to collaborate with a company for my blog, I have to know what they are really looking for.  In order to pitch myself to a company, I have a better chance of gaining their business if I know their lingo.  In short, those business classes help me succeed at what I really want to do: blog and get paid for it.

If I had stayed in my first major, accounting, would I be able to network as effectively as I can now?  Maybe... but it would be a higher climb for me, for sure.  Maneuvering the tricky waters of blogging is so difficult, especially when you don't have any business training.  By using what I've learned, I've been able to contribute to my family in ways I didn't know were really possible.  So, as it turns out, all that book-learnin' actually did come in handy.

Have you ever considered a change in career or major?  If there is something you've always wanted to do and it's not in your field, maybe you should take a chance!

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