Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Binder Weekly Lists

Hey everyone!  I hope you are gearing up for the holiday!

I had several of you ask to see the lists I included in my holiday binder.  I'm just too happy to share them with you, along with explanations of list items that might seem a bit strange to you.

Weeks one and two are pretty straight-forward:  a lot of planning and list-making, which I love.  Buying the supplies for homemade gifts should be done early on too, since you'll need time to craft up a storm.  And if you aren't sure what a Venti Box is, check it out here and here.

Week three adds a bit more work, including putting up outside lights and sending out party invites.  Week four really kicks up the intensity, with trips to see Santa and shopping with the kids.  And don't forget to send out the Christmas cards!

Weeks five and six are where we separate the women from the men who just lay on the couch and count on their wives to do everything... I'M LOOKING IN YOUR DIRECTION, DAVE.  Ahem.  In week five, all the gifts and stocking stuffers get purchased as well as the cookie-making supplies.  Week six is the home stretch!  You'll basically be doing nothing but baking and cleaning that week... but at the end, you will hopefully get some happy faces to reward all that hard work.  And maybe an awesome present.

If anyone wants their own copy of these lists, I have a Word file at my fingertips... send an email to and I'll email it to you!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these! I will definitely try it next year.


  2. This is why I start Christmas in October/November. Photos of the cats for the Shutterfly cards-October. Make new Christmas window decors-November. Plan for new lights outside and shop for them-November. Do Christmas cards and mail them-right after Thanksgiving. Order gifts that need to be purchased online-around Thanksgiving. Make a shopping/gift/baking supplies list-right after Thanksgiving. Finish shopping, wrapping, and mailing of gifts (that are mailed) by 12/14 and mail things between 12/14-12/20. THEN I tear my hair out doing the baking and the cleaning. That rush at the end part-never seems to go away.


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