Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fabulously Festive Family Room

Hello everyone!  We're only a week away from Christmas.  I'm so excited, but I also get a bit sad this time of year.  It goes by so quickly, and I always get a case of the 'OH MY GRAVY, ANOTHER YEAR HAS GONE BY AND I STILL HAVEN'T WON A PULITZER' blues.  I think they're setting in a bit early this year.

To decorate for the holiday, I decided to really pull out the stops.  Of course, I have a two-month old, a four-year old, and an eight-year old, all with their own little needs... so I had to dedicate my decorations to one room: the family room.  Let's take a tour, shall we?

I love this pretty ornament and tinsel wreath from Jo-Ann Fabrics.  The hubs thought it should be a candle wreath and sit on the table with a pretty red candle... maybe next year, my bishop of love.

I added some simple ornaments to a length of garland to decorate the door casing...

And added lights to another for over the dining room doors.

And the stockings are hung near the furnace door with care... LOOK AT THE LITTLE ONE! I die.

The tree was decorated by the kids and Grandpa while they were waiting on Thanksgiving dinner.  They had such fun and it reminded me how awesome Christmas was when you were a kid.

And of course, Lily's ornament is hung on the tree...

Along with some the Beady Yarn Tree from last year.

And a simple canvas with some stenciled lyrics always looks nice on the wall...

Up the stairs is another length of garland with some poinsettias... I'm really digging those this year.

And in a pinch, with some fabric scraps and jute, you could always throw together a little garland for the bookcase like I did...

On the dining room table, I took a holiday bucket and filled it with scented pine cones and a candle... so simple but very festive.

And with the stuff I didn't have a place for?  I threw it on a cabinet.  'Cause that's how I roll.  YOLO, YA'LL.

And that's how it looks around here.  It's sort of like Christmas threw up, but we kind of like that around here.  How are your holiday decorations coming along?  Do you need a few craft supplies to make them happen?  Use this Jo-Ann's coupon to bring some extra cheer into your home!  And check out the Jo-Ann craft catalog to find some holiday inspiration!

I received a gift card to Jo-Ann Fabrics for my participation in this campaign.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love the tree! So many fun ornaments and extra special cause the kids did it. I meant to do the stairs with garland but never got around to it. Oh well, there's always next year! Merry Christmas.


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