Monday, January 20, 2014

Hiding the Internet Router

Things are just nicer when they're pretty.

Technology is a beautiful thing.  Actually, I should rephrase that: technology is a great thing, that isn't always pretty.  Is anyone else wondering when they're going to make cable boxes and internet routers and modems pretty?  I mean, would it kill these companies to give us some color choices in this equipment?

No.  It would not kill them.  THEY HAVE NO VISION.

Ahem.  To solve the problem of an ugly router on my desk top, I bought a cardboard box and some scrapbook paper...

And then I measured my router and cut out a space in the back of the box.

I wrapped the box in paper and slid the router in the hole I made.

And there it was... a pretty box on my desk that hid the ugly router THAT SHOULD JUST COME IN PINK.  I'm so seriously, you guys.

**WARNING: Before you do something like this, check to see how much heat your device puts out.  Some of these little suckers can put out some serious heat and shouldn't be covered.  Mine gets warm, but not too hot, so I'm OK.  I DON'T WANT ANY OF YOU AWESOME-SAUCE PEOPLE GETTING HURT, YO.

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  1. What a great idea! Mine is in a closet, so I don't have to look at it. But I did put my VCR in a basket to disguise it somewhat.

  2. that is really cute priscilla, part of me is totally digging this idea but like you've said in your warning routers tend to heat careful and keep on checking that pretty box ok?
    thanks for sharing this over at the The DIY'ers!



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