Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Home Tour

The new year is off to a running start already... I'm finishing up a kitchen redo and after that, I'm starting on the laundry room.  This is the year of the finished project, even if it exhausts me.

We moved into a house last fall!  We were renting a two-bedroom apartment for years, but with little Lily on the way, we knew we had to move.  We found a great little home and moved two weeks before I gave birth... it was such a stressful time but I'm so glad we moved when we did.

The house we bought is a renovated 103-year old house in a tiny little town only a few minutes from our old apartment.  We're still in the same school district, but the town is itsy-bitsy.  Apparently they have a huge Fourth of July parade here though, so I'm looking forward to that.

Here is a little photo tour of the new home, before we moved in.  I'm creating a list of all the projects I'm planning for the house and I'll share it with you in a future post.

The outside...

The living room... do you see those French doors?  I love them!  I saw somewhere that French doors were 'out' and need to be taken down.  I say "pooh" to that, and will not be taking them down.  VIVA LA FRENCH DOORS!

The dining room, just through the French doors, and just before the kitchen.

The kitchen... we've already got this room updated and I'll share that with you soon.

The laundry room... I have such grand plans for such a small room.

The master bedroom... it's small but there are major reno plans for it in the future!

The downstairs bathroom... I don't have a picture of the bathroom upstairs, but there is one.  We have lived with only one bathroom for years, I can't tell you what awesome-ness it is to have another one.

Lily's room...

The boys room...

And the backyard.  Huge plans for this space, but it's going to be a while before it happens... the hubs needs some persuasion.

Stay tuned for posts this year, I'm going to share all the projects we're going to undertake!
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  1. So cute! I love it. I can't wait to see what you've done with it!

  2. Very nice home, French Doors are a great accent to any room. Happy decorating!

  3. Your new house looks charming. I cannot wait to see all the things you do to it. (Although I must admit, I don't know how you can get anything done with 3 kids.)

  4. Your house is very charming and has great bones~ I can't wait to see your updates! I'm following along, so I don't miss the big reveal! :)

  5. cute and adorable house much? so sweet! congrats on the new home and the new babe. :-)

  6. Your new home is lovely. It doesn't look like you have too much to do, but I can't wait to see how you tweak it.
    Sam from

  7. Wow your new house looks awesome with large rooms and a great garden. Can't wait to see what you do to make it your home.

  8. Adorable house. Love the hardwood floors and french doors. Have fun decorating!!

  9. I love before & afters...Can't wait to see all the changes! I also love the french doors, I'd definitely keep them too!

  10. What a great house! I'd totally leave the French Doors, too... they are fantastic.

    Thanks so much for sharing at Creativity Unleashed!

  11. So cute! It will be nice to see how you make it a home :) Congratulations!

  12. What a cute house! I can't wait to see your renovations--we're going through the same phase here! Dee :)

  13. Cute house! I agree - YES to the French doors! :)
    Amy @

  14. I love your AMAZING space!!! I'm a new follower based on what you said about French doors!!! My new space also has them...WHY would I remove something I've drooled over for YEARS???

  15. How exciting!! I can hardly wait to see what your creative juices come up with :)
    Thanks for linking up to Tickled Pink Times Two.
    Happy New Year.

  16. I am so in love with your charming. I cannot wait to see what you do!

  17. What a fabulous house I love it. Can't wait to see what you do to it. x


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