Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dodging My Drafts

This has nothing to do with the war draft... it has to do with my window draft.

Our house is an oldie but a goodie... I just love this house, despite all the work it needs.  Since it's old, there are a lot of things to fix.  This extremely cold winter has been a good test of our little house, and one place that we need definite work on is the windows.  We've gotten an estimate on replacing them and we're going to do just that, but not all at once.  WINDOWS ARE EXPENSIVE, YO.

Until we can replace all the windows with some energy efficient ones, I am DIYing to stop the draft!

I had an old pair of flannel pajamas and a big ol' bag of rice...

I cut the pants off of the flannels along the seams... I ended up with four pieces.

I cut those in half again and then folded them, right side in, to sew up the sides and on one end.  Once that was done, I filled it with rice and pinned the ends...

And then I sewed up the pinned edge.  BOOM... a draft dodger.

Now if only I could DIY my way to Spring.

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  1. Very cool DIY...and yes, I'm with you, bring on spring! We live in an old house, too and I am very familiar with your draft dilemma, may have to whip up some dodgers myself! ;) Pinning!

  2. We've lived in our house for 8 years and I'm sad to admit that for all that time our French doors to the screened porch have leaked air. You know I can't sew, but I'm creative. I found a long eared bunny at Goodwill that I thumbtacked by the ears to cover that crack. Yes, I did. Then I saw on a blog about peel and stick weather stripping so I went to Lowes and creatively applied that. The bunny went back to Goodwill, just in time for Easter.


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