Monday, February 17, 2014

Pretty Pens!

Hi everyone!  We are in the middle of a thundersnow right now, which I've never actually experienced first-hand.  With this winter though, nothing should surprise me.

I was absent on the blog last week, but it was for good reason: the hubs and I painted our kitchen cabinets!  I hope to take some good pictures today and post about it later this week.  For today, I will show you how I turned ink pens into awesomeness.

To do this, you need a specific type of pen.  It has to unscrew at the end so you have access to the inside of the barrel.  These pens work great, and they write well too:

First, you unscrew the end...

Then, cut yourself some rectangles of pretty paper.  I think it was around 2" by 4" pieces, but measure your pen to get the exact size needed.

Then, you roll up the paper around the pen...

Slide it back in and screw the end back on.  Easy-to-the-peasy, yo.

And then, you have a whole mess of pens!  And the best part is that, since they are all pretty papers, my husband no longer steals my pens.  TAKE THAT, PAL.

Who would have thought that ink pens would bring such joy? :)

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  1. I love this! That's my favorite brand of pen, and it gives me a way to use some of my scrapbooking paper!

  2. Never thought to do this! I have a ton of these in my desk drawer. Guess who's gonna have pretty pens for tomorrow's meeting? Can't wait to see your cabinets.

  3. You can also use nail polish remover to take off the branding on the barrel if you like :)

  4. How cute is this!!! I love new pens with pretty colors. This is so smart and easy. Thanks.

  5. That is such a neat idea. It would be fun to do for a baby shower or wedding to use for the games.

  6. Saw this cute idea and had to zip right out to WalMart to get me some! I had to go sometime soon anyway for a few other
    things but that motivated me. I just bought a 2 pack but I was able to get the exact brand and style. I put some pretty rose
    paper in one out of my scrap box. I tried one before it but it was too thick to wrap that small. Anyway, thanks for the tip


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