Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Switching Out Switch Plates

Hi everyone!  Here in the midwest, everyone is preparing for Snowmaggedon.  I just came from the grocery store where I had to wrestle an old man for the last box of Twinkies.  I GOT THEM.

Anyhoo, the kitchen makeover is rolling right along over here.  We are planning to paint the walls and the cabinets, but with the wee baby, it's hard to take on any big projects right now.  So, I stuck to something simple and easy:  Switching out the wall plates.

Every time I go to Walmart, I buy a new wall plate... these are pretty and so they aren't cheap.  I buy one or two at a time and pretty soon, I'll have enough to switch out all the almond wall plates for these pretty little numbers.

And of course, when I switched out the plates, I had to switch the toggles, too.  I had the hubs do that, but it is really easy to do!

And another (easy!) part of my kitchen makeover is done!

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1 comment:

  1. I agree! It seems that is the one item that is overlooked when redoing a kitchen backsplash. Switchplates can make or brake a completed project. Looks great!


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