Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Kitchen Curtains

Hi everyone!  It's been a while since I posted... if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that we adopted a dog!

His name is Snuggles, but I call him Snug-Bug.  He seems OK with it.  He was at a dog rescue and they had to close their doors due to lack of funding.  We met him on Thursday and I brought him home on Friday.  HE IS THE SWEETEST DOG EVER.  I have a post planned about him soon, stay tuned for doggie news.

Besides that, I'm still finishing up the kitchen.  I found some great fabric for the curtains...

And I sewed up some curtains.  Here are the ever-so-complicated steps I took to make these curtains.

1.  I took measurements and decided how big I wanted the panels.
2.  I cut out fabric according to those measurements, adding an inch to each side.
3.  I folded each side over an inch, pinned, and then sewed straight lines.

BOOM.  Curtains.  It took about a half an hour, but I did take a chocolate bar break in the middle because that's my happy place.

The last step is to paint the kitchen... I have the paint, I just need to find the time and the free hands: Lily enjoys being held.  A lot.  A real lot.

I'll be back later this week with another project!

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