Monday, March 17, 2014

Thrifty Crafty Girl: Dog Rescuer

Man, that's a great idea for a show.  I could just fly around (I can totally fly in this show) and rescue dogs from impending danger.  I would rock at that.

Until that show gets picked up for the fall line-up, let me formally introduce you to Snuggles:

The hubs and I promised the kids that when we moved into a house of our own, we would get a dog for them.  They have been begging for a dog for years and now that we owned a home, it was time to put up or shut up.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that I never shut up.

I did a lot of online searching for shelter dogs to adopt because I feel really guilty every time I see that Sarah McLachlan commercial on television.  After a few weeks of searching, we hadn't found a dog that was nearby and that would be a good fit in our family.

And then one of my facebook friends shared a local dog rescue's page on her facebook.  It turned out that the rescue was closing due to lack of funds.  They had three dogs left to place and were hoping to find a family for those dogs soon.  Snuggles was one of those dogs.

The first few nights he was in our home, we expected that he would sleep in the crate that the shelter sent with him; after all, it smelled familiar and was what he had slept in before we got him.  During the night when I would go to check on him though, he wasn't in his crate.  I didn't worry too much about him and thought maybe he was hiding and would come out when he was ready.

The fourth night he was here, I found out where he was sleeping.  He had found a place for himself, directly in front of the kids bedroom.  He fancies himself a guard dog... a 15-pound guard dog who never barks.

We thought that by adopting him, we were protecting him.  As it turns out, he is trying to protect us.

If any of you have any reservations about getting a rescue dog, please take the leap.  Our family is very filled with doggie love.

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  1. Rescue dogs (and cats!) make wonderful additions to any home!

  2. Awwwww!!!! Heart melting!!! I can't imagine life without a sweet doggy in it. We love our little fella. I'm sure Snuggles is just the happiest pup to have found a loving home to belong to. Good for you guys!

  3. Rescue dogs are the best. You think you rescue them, but, really, they rescue you. :) Woof, say Bear and Hank.

  4. We adopted our first rescue dog a couple of years ago. Molly is a 75-lb lap dog. She is truly the most gentle dog I have ever seen. About a year ago, our 3 year old suddenly stopped wanting to sleep in his room. We had tried every single trick we could imagine, but he still had this fear of sleeping in his room. One night, out of desperation, my husband moved Molly's bed into his room. We never heard a peep out of either one. He now refuses to go to bed unless Molly is with him.

  5. Oh just made me cry. Snuggles is so sweet and loveable. I'm so glad you found him. Thanks for loving him and showing him what a good loving home is like.


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