Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Keyboard Tray Turned Charging Station

Hi everyone! It is 60 degrees here and it feels like a miracle.  It's so sunny and warm, I think I'm imagining it.  Even if I am imagining it, I need to take advantage of the bright sun and take a million pictures before the opportunity for good lighting leaves me.

I showed you my new desk a couple of weeks ago:

And I wanted to show you one more thing I did with the desk...

It has a keyboard tray.  You know, for keyboards.  But I don't have a keyboard... so what do I do with the tray?

Everything in life needs purpose... otherwise depression sets in.  Have you ever seen a depressed keyboard tray? It's not pretty, people.

I'm using it to charge my stuff!  I used a really high-tech method of securing the cords: I scotch-taped them.  I know, totally revolutionary.  I love having a designated place for charging things and the tray loves having purpose again.  Win-win. :)

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