Thursday, May 1, 2014

Installing Plastic Garden Edging

Hi everyone!  It's cold out today.  I thought we were out of the 40 degree weather for the season, but I guess not.  But the forecast for next week shows temperatures in the 80's, so I'll break out my bathing suit in preparation.

And speaking of warmer weather, have you guys started planting anything yet?  There wasn't much in the way of landscaping at our new home, so we have a pretty blank slate to start with.  I decided to get some garden edging to begin with and go from there.

I bought some rolls of plastic garden edging, like this:
Master Mark Plastic Prod. Lawn Edging at

It's relatively inexpensive and super easy to work with, not to mention that I like the way it looks in a lawn.  I set the husband to work installing it.

I spray painted a line in the grass where I wanted the edging:

And then had the ol' hubster dig a wee trench to put it in...

The edging was put in the little trench...

And stakes were pounded in at a 45 degree angle to keep it in place.

The dirt was raked over, back in place and that was that.  Boom.  Edging installed.  We added some plants and mulch, too:

And now we're just waiting for more warm weather to plant some more.  I would love some more hostas and some pretty flowers too... but I need temperatures above 60 degrees... not for the plants, but for me.  Priscilla does not bloom below 60 degrees.  There's a fun fact for your Thursday.

Have an awesome day!

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