Thursday, October 2, 2014

Coffin Craft for Under $3

Hey there, everyone!  Missed you bunches.  In order to cope with the separation from you, I have been eating vast amounts of chocolate.  It has helped, truly.

Today, I'm showing you the craft I spent a whole $3 on.  Three smackaroos.  Tres buckos.  Oh, and it took like, ten minutes.

I bought three little wooden coffins at Michael's for $0.99 each.  SCORE.

I painted the sides grayish...

And then I put a little scrapbook paper on the front.  I used a glue stick.  Hard core crafting, yo.

Aren't they cute?  Speaking from experience, it's not easy to craft something for Halloween and only spend $3... I call this a win. :)

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