Friday, January 9, 2015

DIY Felt Snowflake Runner

Hi everyone!  And Happy New Year!  I know, I know... I'm about a week late.  Whatevs, maybe I'll be on time next year.

It's freezing here.  No, really... FREEZING.  I currently have one frozen pipe in the upstairs bathroom that I'm dealing with and I am kicking myself for not replacing the living room windows before winter.  But it's alright.  I SURVIVED THE POLAR VORTEX OF 2014, I CAN SURVIVE THIS.


Since it's so cold out, I decided to embrace it with some decor. 

First, I found a ton of felt that I bought for a project that I never did.  I don't actually do that often, but I have found stashed materials before, so I needed to do something with it.

There's like two yards of it.  This project didn't even make a dent.

I cut out a runner, about 12" x 36" and then I laid it out on my grubby ottoman to take this picture:

My children are why I can't have nice things.

From here, I put on a crocheted border.  I found this on Pinterest that gave great instructions on how to do it.  

After that, I stitched up some snowflakes onto the middle... 

This one is my favorite.  I named him Chester.

And, viola... I had a runner.  I had accomplished something.  I AM QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE.

Ahem.  I seem to lose my mind a bit more since I gave birth to Lily.  Three children is apparently my insanity quotient.

This project took a few days to put together, but I do just love it.  Of course, it's so cold that I would probably love anything that made my lap warm as I worked on it.  This laptop is my best friend right now.

I'll try to be back next week to show you what else I made with the never-ending pile of felt... hint, it has more snowflakes on it.  I can't escape them.

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