Sunday, October 9, 2022

Headed Back to the Office? Let's Make it Pretty.

The average person spends 90,000 hours of their life at work. One-third of their life... at. work.

Why couldn't I have been born with a trust fund?

Anyhoo, the pandemic sent a lot of the workforce from the office to their homes. And working from home can be amazing! Sitting at my desk, doing my thing, while watching reruns of Vanderpump Rules? As close to heaven as this girl might get.

But now that COVID-19 is starting to ebb, or at least, we have figured out how to better deal with it, a lot of us are being pushed back into the office. Well, that's not the spirit... we are being WELCOMED BACK to the office. Whichever helps you, I suppose.

Going back into the office does not have to be a bad thing. Sure, no more working in your jammies, but there are things we can do to make our office life more cozy, more comfortable, more like home.

Cubicle or office, standing desk or traditional, there are ways to personalize your workspace and make it a bit more like home. I know, you probably aren't looking forward to going back in... but let's at least make it pretty.


In my office, we have your standard modular office furnishings. In the above picture, you can (hopefully) see the fabric panels that line the wall by my desk. This drab fabric spreads the entire length of one wall in my office. I think the designer was like, you can totally pin up pictures on it and view the life that is going on without you because you're stuck at work!

This wasn't going to fly. I gave up pajamas for this. A change needed to be made.

I went to Walmart and made a bee-line for the fabric section. Walmart has upgraded their fabric options in the past few years. You can still get fabric by the yard, but they also have pre-packaged fabrics in so many colors and patterns, it was honestly hard to choose. But choose I did. I bought some straight pins as well, and headed to the office like a good little employee.

The type of fabric wall in my office is pretty flimsy. It can be moved and removed and jostled and flim-flammed. So covering this panel with fabric was pretty easy. I secured it with the straight pins, and like magic, there was prettiness.

Ask me what the pattern is, I dare you.

I don't know. BUT. The brand was Waverly and I bought it at Walmart. These are the hard-hitting facts you as my readers have come to expect. But really, what I like might not be what you like... so go browse your favorite fabric store and find a pretty fabric to cover the sad modular wall.

Once that was done (and really, it made a huge difference!) I decided to add some art. Also at Walmart (I swear, I don't have stock in Walmart or anything, it just worked out that way) I found the greatest 12x12 scrapbook paper collection!

The brand is Colorbok, with an umlaut over the last 'O'. Super fancy. And the collection is called "Conservatory". It is sturdy paper, double-sided, and filled with the prettiest papers! I just love it.

I ordered some frames from Amazon. Here's the link (not affiliate, I have no idea how to do that):

Simple frames, with mats included, plastic so they are really lightweight and they were a great price. Once those arrived, I was faced with the difficult decision of choosing eight (that's all I had room for) papers that perfectly went with the office ambiance that I was desperately trying to attain.

I just put these up with thumbtacks. A little flower vase (from Walmart again, I swear I don't work for them!) and my wall project was done. A better picture of the whole wall is forthcoming, but I can't show it just yet, because it would show my next office decor project... which I will post about next time!

I love and have missed you all! See you soon!

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